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Experience Ghana

Ghana has been on the thoughts and lips of many travellers for numerous reasons, chief among which is the exceptionally friendly attitude and welcoming nature of the country’s people. It is a place one needs to experience personally in order to get the true feel, taste, scent and sound of what is legendary about Ghana. Simply reading or hearing about Ghana is only a fraction of the magic.

Rich History

Ghana’s name is derived from an ancient kingdom that thrived centuries ago but in quite a different location from its current one. Formerly called the Gold Coast, the country sits mid-way along the stretch of West Africa’s coastline and in the tropical zone, resulting in an all-year-round warm-to-hot climate with two rainy seasons.

Scenery & Culture

There are forests in the extreme west and the central parts, with the south east and extreme north and eastern portions sprouting grassland with spots of thinner forest. Ghana’s current capital is Accra, moved from Cape Coast in 1877. It has an area 92,100 square miles and is a democratic country with a current population of 30,878,062. The population is mostly Christian followed closely by Moslem and traditional religions.

Popular Desitinations



National Park


Castle & Forts


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